Letters, Colors & Numbers

How do plants really grow?…

Do they eat like us?…

Yes … they have their own food They need sun, soil and water to grow. Kids with their expressive design skills, they made a craft of that.

***(The images are sorted according to the activities)

Hands on science experiment was good, as kids used the celery plant to see the effects of food colors on it. Each celery was dipped into a color and the color had an effect on the plant.

Wow!!!  They were amazed. ‘Plants too drink water’.

It’s always a wonderful learning about nature and they enjoyed planting  sweet potato today. They will be on the look out for  what happens after a few days.

They also enjoyed listening to stories. This is very important to boost their language and communication skills.

They further had a great time learning and tracing letter ‘S’ as a way of practicing pencil control (fine motor skills).

Painting with celery leaves on letter ‘S’ during their literacy time was so amazing as well.

As their routine at White fields they enjoyed playing shooting basketball game as a way of refreshing their little muscles. They really enjoyed playing, learning and growing together.

During their circle time they found numbers and colors…

One … two … three … four … five … six…

All numbers were there and red, blue, green…

The activity was good to improve their learning and memory skills.

Take the brush and paint! Blue … white … red …

Yes! It’s a  French flag.

This game was fun filled for kids and their little hands were very busy trying to find the right color.

The kids had so much fun in the Rainbow science experiment today.

During this experiment their communication, motor skills and creative skills were put to work.

Another busy day of learning today…

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