Enhancing the Motor Skills

The foundation skills are important for a child to move forward in their learning journey…

The flower garden  bowling game  was good to develop  Physical, social and emotional development. It  was so great to give exercise to  the little muscles of our little hands by tracing on flower chart papers. That will help them to have a strong grasp.

Kids were asked to find something in a beautiful  bag, after which they called it out loudly.

What was it?

Letters… Interesting Literacy activity to recognize letters…

Numeracy was fun  for the kids today. The counting of leaves on the branch in a flower pot was the activity to know about numbers and counting.

The kids made a little fairy nature garden in which they labelled the parts of a flower and also planted trees.

Making a sprout house was also a good way of knowing more about the world of plants. Kids experimented on bean seeds by putting them in a clear bag and watered them. Tomorrow is yet another day to discover what would have happened to the seeds.

This water play was a unique activity because it provided  an opportunity for children to strengthen their physical skills, numerical skills by knowing about measures and  enhance their social, emotional skills and language development.

World wanderers – The  kids had a  trip to France and they pretended to be in the Eiffel tower. The kids were so excited to make a  flag of France.

Comment t’appelle tu?…

They were so excited to tell their names loudly.

What a good adventure!…

Learning about plant life is  wonderful…

Leaves, flowers, buds, fruits, stem…

They were excited and their excitement showed that they love nature.

Definitely they will protect nature …


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