Growing together…

Blue, red, green or yellow…

Triangle, rectangle, square or circle… What to choose?

They built a very big house with different colors.

It helped  them to know about colors and shapes. It was a great activity for improving their creativity.

A big monster shape telling the kids ‘feed me please’!…

The kids picked up a shape, called it out and fed  the monster.  Recognizing shapes and feeding the monster was fun today.

‘C’ is for cat and cat says meow.

But wait…

Our cat needs something…

She needs ears so she can hear us… She needs eyes so she can see us…. She needs a nose so she can smell….

And we did it…

The Cat activity is to develop their knowledge about the world that we live in.

During our ‘counting the spots’ game, kids learned independent counting and recognition of numbers.

Their ladybirds got spots and they were able to count it.

The kids had reasoning and discovery learning about the science of plants. They tried to gather knowledge about the parts of the plant and how it grows. It was a chance to learn about plants in an outdoor environment surrounded by plants…

During the space travelers session, they learned about sun and sunlight that is needed to grow plants.

Learning how to count pumpkin seeds to match with the  corresponding numbers was an exciting puzzle game for the kids.


Want to know about our Project ‘Krshi’.

The kids were excited to see small plants growing out from the seeds that they planted. They had a surprise in their eyes. The plants are growing beautifully like them in the beautiful garden.

The growth in front of their eyes.

A Happy day today…

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