Queen Elsa-Our Favorite

Have you ever imagined about the Fantasy World of the kids?…

Who all will be there?…


Queen Elsa,



Mickey mouse,

Minnie mouse,


and the list continues…

If all these favorite characters are in front of your kids?

That will be the best day for them.


that’s how the day started beautifully for the kids today in White Fields Nursery.

Watch Video: http://wp.me/p83MCD-Wj

Joy in the little eyes, mixed with excitement and surprise…

Dolls like Dolls, were dressed as their favorite cartoon character’s outfits. Superb.

The fashion show was also another fantastic way of showing off their heart loved characters.


The visit of queen Elsa was more awesome.

She showed that happiness is all around us. They were able to go inside her world and for the moment they became a part of magic.

White Fields Nursery started this year in a very good mood and the little minds are ready for a wonderful year full of joy, surprises and good luck.

A Grand welcome indeed!

Welcome 2017…


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