A Farewell to the Snow Man

Experiments will lead to  new  experiences and endless learning…

The young scientists experimented with baking soda and shampoo to make a dough out of which a snow man was built. It was really exciting for the kids. They made a carrot nose out of a chopstick. They grabbed two skinny little twigs from outside and their snow man was complete. They learnt that some things when added together changes its properties.

And today was a sentimentally sad day for them, as they bid a farewell to the Snowman.

“See you the next year… Dear snowman”.

The best learning time indeed…

Creativity was it its best when the little hands made a polar bear craft with cups. It looked great and the children were quite proud of their artwork.

Winter is the time to enjoy and play too.

They had indoor games and activities to play, which they enjoyed and of course play is important for the young minds and growing bodies too…

Zara was trying to find the shooting star. She saw the White Fields Nursery kids were busy with something .

Are they searching for the shooting star too?…  She went to see there.

Super experiment going on!.

Time passed….and forgot to search for her shooting star.

“No issues… Learning is fun. I missed the shooting star today, but I learnt something new”…

Zara went to take rest happily.


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