Ice Candle Party….

Lights in ice?

Is that possible?


It was an amazing ice candle party at White Fields Nursery.

Ice candles are so strange and interesting. It’s a fun way to introduce children to the concept of ‘hot and cold’. What a wonderful experience to learn about the process of melting solid ice to liquid.

Kids loved the way the candles looked and the surprise it comes with alongside the ice.

At White Fields Nursery kids learn through play, and that’s what they did for the party.

‘Guess where?’…

The game was a great for improving their cognitive skills.

Kids were blindfolded and had to place the carrot nose correctly for the snowman that had no nose. It was a good memory game and funny too. The kids had lots of fun during this activity, as some walked away from the snowman, losing their way.

They also enjoyed mingling and playing outdoors together.

Zara was in search of her shooting star in the Frozen Fantasy ice world.

She thought that it may be hidden in the ice, as the ice cubes were glittering.

But the ice….melted, melted, melted and then she saw only water.

So today… No shooting star.

Tomorrow again.


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