A Wonderful Educational Trip

Their little eyes were expressing ‘WOW’… when they saw the huge fire trucks and its facilities.

The lucky kids went inside the fire truck and explored it.

The officers explained about the parts of the huge trucks and how they operate them.

There was a film show on how to escape from fire accidents.

It was really useful when the officer said that the fire can be sensed using the senses.

He explained clearly what can one do in case of fire.

The officer asked,’If a cat is caught inside a house that is in fire, will you go inside to save it?’.

All said,’Yes’.

They couldn’t agree when the officer said ’No, you shouldn’t’.

They were not thinking about themselves, but they were thinking about the cat. They agreed when the officer said that the cat will be saved by the firefighters. A touching incident indeed…

This shows that kids care for others. Let the innocent humanitarian feelings grow strong and be same when they become adults too…

There were lots of questions from the kids… A chance for them to explore.

White Fields arranged this educational trip which was awesome beyond expectation.

We were amazed to see the sharp brains of the young kids and we hope that you will be also wondered when you see the video.

The video will be uploaded in the weekend and notified to the parents. 

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