We felt ‘Fantabulous’…

Cool Climate,

Yummy Chocolate,

Favorite character,

Fellow friends,





All together in one place in one day…

How do you feel?…


(Click the link to watch Video: http://wp.me/p83MCD-PZ)


Ball left… Ball right….

Ball straight into the basket.

Good work White Fields Basketball team!!!


This game was very exciting for our kids and was a good exercise to strengthen  the concentration and the body as well.

They also explored and learnt about beautiful  penguins that  swim,  but  they  don’t fly.

Did you know that?…


The little creative minds were involved in a beautiful penguin craft and tried it on the hat of Santa.

Kids played penguin basketball as a cool reminder of the winter loving birds, penguins..

This was great for exercising their little muscles.


Again Zara was in search of Shooting star today…

She wandered here and there and went to Antartica with the penguins in search of Shooting star.

Will she find the Shooting Star there?!…


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