Work without play makes John a dull boy?!

His hair is white,

His suit is red,

He wears a hat to cover his head…

He laughs this way: Ho! Ho! Ho!…

He drives his sleigh,

through sleet and snow.

Guess who is this?…

‘A SANTAaaaaaaaaaaa’…

Wow! Santa Claus came to our  beautiful Nursery!!!

What fun the littles one had !!!

Kids had a wonderful experience, listening to stories,

sharing candies, singing songs, dancing so great…

Santa Claus took out time out of his busy schedule to talk to the little boys and girls of White fields and surprised the kids with gifts.

Dear Santa Claus… see you again next year!!!

Little gymnasts gave some muscle exercises to their little physique.

The gym class was so exciting as kids got physically active.

Did u know that “Work without play makes John a dull boy?!”

Here at WFN we had some winter games today.

Today we enjoyed limbo rock games & bowling, so much fun for the little minds and also they learned to take turns and challenges.These games were also great exercises for their little body.

It was an enjoyable week for us all with exciting winter activities…


She heard that Santa will fulfill the wishes of the kids.

‘May be Santa will give my shooting star as gift?’…

Let’s see..

The gift is here…

But not the shooting star.

‘We will search for it on Sunday’-The brother said.

Now it’s time for weekend Celebration…

Have a nice weekend…


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