Is the Shooting Star underneath?!…

Can you lift an ice cube with your hand?


Can you use a string and salt to lift an ice cube ice?

No?… Isn’t it?…

(Please click the link to watch Project ‘Krshi’.


The classic activity of today was a highly challenging, as the Little Scientists had to lift an ice cube using only a string and salt.

With serious wow factor, this experiment was a simple, fun way to learn about properties of different things around them.

Now came the hard part, waiting!…

They counted together to pass the time. Finally the kids held the ice cube with salt and string.

They also enjoyed the fun reindeer ring game, it was much fun shooting and targeting at its sharp horns.

Can  we use yummy potatoes to make a sensory painting activity?!…

Yes, they  tried it out and it worked just right. Their curious minds were used to make a snowman with potatoes and white paint.

Wait!!! Our snowman also needs a hat.

Now he is ready for cold winter days and let us take him for a walk with us.


Did Zara get the shooting star?…

Today WFN kids were digging the earth to plant seeds.

May be the shooting star is underneath?!



My goodness!

Krshi project went on so well and Zara forgot the shooting star

Lets see tomorrow…

Today is the successful 8th day of the winter camp.


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