An ultimate kids Adventure.


Going on a treasure hunt… fa la la la la…

An ultimate kids Adventure.

Treasure hunt is a good way to learn how to work in and as a team and to acquire cooperation skills. 

That has been the song on every child’s mouth today, kids had a lot of fun following clues and maps to find their  treasure. Kids went on for a treasure hunt today.

Kids moved from one clue to the next as their friends cheered and encouraged them.

Where is the treasure?

Near the Christmas tree?


Maybe in the play house?…

In the Water Fall?…

in the igloo?…

in the trampoline?

They are nearing…


the treasure was found …

Inside the igloo “a big box of chocolate gold coins”

What an exciting treasure hunt!…

Kids also enjoyed an indoor snowball game. Toss the snow and build it again.They ended up making an amazing cotton ball snowman.

“Hit the snowman game” was amazing. Kids were very excited because it was snowing!!! Feel of winter…

Their creative brain was busy and excited when creating a snowman snow man craft.

This was no ordinary snow man. He had blue ear protectors and  very important winter accessories that kids should have during the winter season. Also their little snowman needed a scarf, buttons, nose… So they helped him to get it.

They also enjoyed playing winter challenge game of tossing white balls and racing through hoola hoops.

Zara was also hunting with WFN kids…not for treasure, but for her shooting star.

The WFN kids found their treasure…





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