Zara thought the Ice-Sculpture was a Shooting Star!…

Have you seen a polar bear?!


No worries…

We will show you…

Kids were so involved with the polar bear paper craft.

The minds of the kids wondered where the polar bear stays. This took them on a bit of fun ice, Science based learning where the kids created their own colorful ice sculptures. Creativity was at work today as kids made objects with colored ice.

This was great for their hand and eye coordination and allowed kids to use their fine motor skills and finally, it encouraged them in language development too as kids were excited at what they saw and expressed their thoughts.

Equal to the mental exercise, physical exercise is also important in the early years.The dancing and running games were great for their Physical development.

Children learn best when they are excited and engaged in learning, which challenges them and shows them what they can do and stretches and excites their imagination.

And it happened today!



Finally a great learning today…


Today did Zara find the shooting star?

She saw WFN kids having something glittering in their hands

May be a shooting star?!!!

Come on!… Lets see…


It was an ice sculpture…

We will wait for tomorrow…

Tomorrow never ends…

Today is the 6th day of Winter Camp.

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