Creative world, We are coming!!!

“I am little snowman short and fat,

Here are my buttons, here is my hat.

When the sun comes out, I can not play.

I just slowly melt away…”

Yeah!!!!! We created our own snowman!..

Kids were excited to create a snowman and assemble all the parts together.


They started the day with music and play and enjoyed the ‘move and freeze’ game.


“Jump and find color” was fun filled game and their tiny hands were very busy trying to find the correct color.


Creative world, we are coming!!!

Our jewelry factory was very exciting for kids and they enjoyed making their own necklaces. They made a beautiful  and colorful necklace with pasta and straws attached with a feather. They were so excited to try it on.

Do you want one?..


‘I can run faster than you’!!!

Kids enjoyed a racing game. They were put in pairs and had to race with a ball.

The first to arrive is the winner.


The day ended with cotton painting.

“We felt cool today…How about you?”…


And Zara was there too…

They searched the sky for the shooting star….But couldn’t find it…

Is it in the frozen fantasy? Let’s dig some ice to build a snow man.

May be it’s underneath….

Thak!!! Thak!!!

Only ice….No shooting star…Better luck tomorrow


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