The ‘Blue Moon Eve’-Open House-Images

In simple words,

‘Seeds today’… ‘Trees tomorrow’…

Its amazing to realize that

the tall and the big trees are from the tiny seeds!

Its wonderful to know that

Where the ‘life of a tree’ is ‘hiding in a seed’?

The Seasons and the Five elements

How they all help a seed to grow as a tree?…

Can our ‘Grown-up’(!) Preschoolers understand this ‘Big Science?’…


‘They’ are going to start a Project from tomorrow…

This Project will be the combination of STEM learning & Theatre Arts

Dear Parents,

You are invited too…

But after we notify you…

All we want to say now is,

“Send few Seeds”… “Let them ‘Grow’”…

Please ‘Stay Connected’ to watch the ‘launch’ Video on

19th Dec 2016 (Monday) at 12 noon


We thank again all the Parents, Well-wishers and Admin & Teaching Partners for making the ‘Blue Moon eve’ event a memorable and wonderful one.

We hope that You have enjoyed the Video…

Not yet watched?!

Please click the link.

Here are the HD Images of the ‘Blue Moon Eve’…

Great week ahead…

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