Do you know ‘Apple Building’ in Abu Dhabi?…

The involvement…

We get seriously involved in the things that we like the most.

Look at the little learners here…

Don’t disturb!..

Little minds at work…

Their sparkling eyes and tiny hands were busy lacing in the fruits. And that was to enhance their eye-hand coordination and concentration.

Their muscles were made to exercise as they played ‘bowling the fruits’.


What do you want?

Place your order at WFN.

We are ready…


It’s fruit salad and fruit cake today.

Kids enjoyed making fruit salad and a fruit cake using different kinds of fruits.  This was to encourage creativity as well as fine motor skills. Knowing the facts that they should know at this age is very important. They should know about healthy fruits in the early years. And with this thought, they learnt different preparations with fruits.

To enhance their cognitive skills and literacy skills, today the kids filled the fruit baskets with phonics fruits. They matched the phonic fruit to its respective basket.

Crazy Designers were so innovative as they tried ‘building with apples’. That was to focus on the learning area ‘Expressive Arts and Design’.

A creative & happy learning environment creates smart learning.

They enjoyed fruit barbecue to learn more about fruits.

During the numeracy hour, kids did a number recognition game. It was a cool activity and it made them recall what they have been studying.  They ended the day by tracing phonics on paint in plastic zip bags.

And finally a healthy week ended happily.

Stay healthy!…Stay happy!…

Happy Weekend. 🙂


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