What time is it?…

There would have been thousand thoughts in their little brains when engaging themselves in the experiments.

How?… Why?… When?… Where?… What?… etc.,

That is how brains are stimulated and neural connections are made.


Magic Bubbles…

Magic bubbles from a huge water melon, amazing!!!

Making an erupting watermelon was great during their Science Surfers class.

“I am a scientist. I can do it all by my self “.

Kids expressed their ‘scientific abilities’ by doing an Apple Volcano explosion during the science hour of today.

Tik tak tik tak!!!!

What time is it?…

It’s 8.00 am, Assembly time…

What time is it?…

 it’s 1.00 pm, Home time…

Today kids enjoyed  learning about time in Knowing the world hour.

They learned about  time with an illustration of a gigantic clock.

Also the number target golf game was great fun for them. They were so focused using selective attention,to get their golf ball into the number target called out by the teacher. A great way to utilise their numeracy skills.

Kids enjoyed playing a phonic game of “Guess and Open”. They guessed a phonic and opened a paper plate to find out if their guess was right.

Wonderful way to improve on their cognitive development.

During outside played kids played a balance game. This was great for their physical development.

Kids ended the day with review of shapes, by choosing a shape to match on the sheet given to them.

Indeed the days at White Fields Nursery are memorable  and unforgettable for the kids, because they enjoy learning and growing together.


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