Do the Fruits and Robots mix?

Creative world!!!

Fruits!!! Yummy fruits and robots!!!

These two really mix???

Their excitement was no bounds, when kids enjoyed the robotic fruit dance. This helped them to express themselves according to the Music. This is how they were engaged in their Expressive Arts and Design hour.

Water melon seeds additions and Numeracy Tasks were challenging. They now know what addition is.

Phonics games were so interesting and they learned vocabulary. Vocabulary is very much necessary for their Literacy Skills in their early age.

Today was an exciting day as kids enjoyed the apple boat they made. That was an activity given to enhance their creativity. Seeing how it floats in the sea and how they reached the blue ocean and that is how they come to Know about the world.

Refreshing their minds about colors, children loved the apple color sorting game and that was a great stimulation for their growing brain. Researchers say that the more the brain is stimulated in the prime years, the more intelligent they become.  The little muscles got a bit of exercise by running fast to put the respective colors objects

During the phonics hour, kids enjoyed making a ‘Chou Chou’ train phonics sorting game.  That was great learning through play. They were so excited and waited to match the wheels to the respective trains as their names were called out.

Definitely… Mixed skills boosting activities, that made their day.


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