Which Planet they live in?…

“The center of the Solar-system is my home; 

I hold the planets all around me as they roam“…

Planets!! Solar system?!!!

Well. Today at White Fields Nursery,  Children explored outer space and they solved the mystery. They now know the planets and which planet they live in.

Also while in space today, our little space travelers enjoyed making a sky night.

They learned about Sun.

An interesting Space Travel.

Where do the yummy fruits originate from???…

Today they discovered that seeds found inside the fruits are replanted to give us other fruits.

It was  fun playing color games, making a fruit jar and interacting with friends during circle time which was much more fun. That interaction is very important for their social development.

In order to enhance their cognitive skills, the lego legends built lego towers according to the flashcard numbers, presented to them. The activity was to develop their numeracy skills and their motor skills too.

During the literacy hour today, kids  enjoyed using clothes pegs with letters written on them to match with phonic cloths that was spread out.

To improve on their motor skills, kids made fruit baskets and had the basket filled with fruits for art and craft of today. Art and Craft helps them to acquire creative skills.

They had a very interesting game “Fruits in a jar”.

During this activity, children identified  and sorted the  fruits.

Different types of fruits…They counted, named and sorted the fruits. It was very good exercise for the children’s little brains.

During outside play kids were running and choosing the  color and it was great for their physical development.

Tomorrow holds more discoveries for them…

Please  watch the space…


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