Technology is a Boon-Use it in a right way…


‘An apricot’…

‘Now it’s your turn’…

‘It’s a watermelon for me’…

‘Please don’t disturb’…

A touch of technology, in our learning at White Fields Nursery.


Techno touch class!! Learning with technology about the fruits.

The Children solved puzzles and practiced vocabulary.

It was great exercise for their little brains.

Today’s children are born in a Tech World. Their education should prepare them for this digital world.

Apart from school readiness, the technology integrated curriculum will help them to acquire the 21st century skills.

Gadgets should not be a ‘Pacifier’ or ‘tool to keep them engaged’, so that parents can have their own time.

Technology is a boon, if the right resources are used in a right way.

Kids also enjoyed sorting shapes, counting with marshmallows during their Bean master class .

Dancing , running and freezing fruit game was great for their Physical development.

Sharing is a basic skill learned by kids while growing. This will help to improve on their social interactions with other peers. In that light, kids fed the hungry caterpillar with different kinds of fruits from their fruit basket.

Creativity was at work today as kids had to match different parts of the fruits to make the fruit “whole”.

Paper plate color toss was mind refreshing.

To enhance their cognitive skills, they matched the popsicles with numbers written on them, to the numbers on the apples.

A Tech day today…


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