“Run,run and play my little one…

It’s said by the Great Indian Poet Maha Kavi Bharathi

“Run, run and play my little one,

You should never sit idle ever,

Play, play together with all, my little child,

You  should never chide another child”.

“Like  a  little  sparrow dear,

You should  fly and come, my little one,

Seeing birds of varied color, my little one,

You should fill your mind with joy”.

The ‘Orange Race’ wearing Orange dress was a fantastic one for their Physical development and grasping the orange while running was a good exercise for their  motor skills.

The Orange, Orange day…

It was a great day to learn about ‘Fruit Orange’ and ‘Color Orange’.

The Children also had a good learning adventure about peeling oranges and squeezing the oranges and making juice, which again focussed on their fine motor skills in an orange environment of white Fields Nursery.


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