Some Traditions are Priceless…

Some traditions are priceless and cannot be replaced.

The Children had the writing practice in the traditional slates to improve their fine motor skills and love to have it often.

A Healthy start!

We are learning about Fruits…

A fresh Sunday, started with refreshing their memories with phonics and numbers of last week.

The kids week has kicked off with yummy fruits basket study, which was good to improve their communication skills.

They enjoyed exercising their bodies during their frog jump, that was a great activity for their Physical Development.

Apple Maths, during our bean master class was  mind refreshing and was interesting to know about the simple operations.

What a great garden of fruits they made today! This activity was to express their artistic skills and to know more about the things that they are seeing and using around them.

Still studying about fruits, they sorted the seeds during their numeracy class to enhance their cognitive skills.

They had an Outdoor practice for tomorrow ‘s National Day Celebration .

Watch out for their performance!!!

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