How far can your plane go?

“How far can your plane go, 1,2,3,4?..  Shout it Loud!!!
Airplane paper flight at WFN Airport, was tested today.
The activity was great to enhance their motor skills and cognitive skills. These skills were put to work during the airplane paper flight.

Date trees, one of the symbols of UAE was planted today in their ‘World Wanderers’ class.
The day began with hopping on numbers, shapes and phonics called out to them. That was a review for what was done during the week.

The ‘Crazy Designers’ had buildings made out of card board papers with some primary colors on their the roof. The activity was to develop their creativity and to have an idea of Primary colors.

The day ended with kids coloring and tracing straight and side lines.
The Children enjoyed hooked pocket dance, matching phonics and popping balloons in search for numbers. That was to learn the number concepts.

Tracing and UAE soveinor craft was mind refreshing.
On the whole, the kids were busy focussing on their necessary skills and has a relaxed learning this week.

Happy Weekend to All…


Miss. Mommy
Make your Child a learner-Miss. Mommy-A Guidance Program for the Young Moms

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