Why does it disappear in Mom’s food?!…

Phonics  through Science.

It was a wonderful science experiment today. The kids were so excited to see the rainbow snake bubbles. They reviewed Phonics ‘S’ with Rainbow snake bubbles. The experiment had a great impact on them, and they will never forget those wonderful bubbles.

Kids should know what they are going to learn on that day.

And that is the Circle time, they are given the overview of what they are going to learn.

Literacy skills are very important for their language development, and now they know ‘N’ for ‘Nest’ through sensory play. Tracing phonic ‘N’ and using scissors were also good for our fine motor skills.

The day has been great when they met mail man, who took our phonics mails. This activity helped them to increase their vocabulary, and pretend play is very important to know about the people around them.

Science Surfers class was exciting, and they were surprised when they discovered that oil and water don’t mix.

But why does it disappear in Mom’s food?!… That’s another mystery that they are waiting to solve!…

When learning about UAE in World Wanderers’ class, they learnt the colors of the UAE flag.

Creativity has no ends.

Kids designed their own orange lamp today and demonstrated their scientific abilities.

They also enjoyed collaging the UAE national flag craft.

They were very much surprised to find the letters in the bubbles.

The indoor “phonic dice game” was fun and educative for the kids. It was a great experience to throw a dice, and the alphabet on which the dice falls has to be identified and placed on the tree.

Kids refreshed their memories of shapes, by coloring the shapes mentioned by the teacher and ended up with tracing number 4.

Science, Phonics, Crafts…

Great learning….and waiting for more…

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