To enter into their world!…

‘If you want to enter into their world, you should understand and know their language’– This is an old saying about children and this is the way of interaction between the children and the teachers in White Fields Nursery.

‘Tell me the number you were able to toss with the ball’, this was the game today. Children enjoyed playing a target toss game of numbers, which focussed on their gross motor skills and numeracy as well.

In addition to that, children had a flower Math game puzzle, and they completed the flower according to the numbers.

They had so much to do with numeracy today and stuck the numbers on caterpillars during the numeracy class to learn numbers.

They were involved in the color game, focusing on their identifying skills. Foot print hopping was great for coordination and balancing. They were so creative in collaging feathers on the UAE national bird.

To enhance their literacy skills, they learnt about Phonic ’N’ and its vocabulary.

Today’s Science Activity focused on STEM-Learning.

An excellent learning experience again…

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