And again…

We would like to inform the public to give a prior overview for our performance for the National Day celebration that will be super awesome.”

That’s the report from the White fields Little Journalist.

It was a great day for kids to act like National Reporters, during pretend Play helped them to focus on communication skills and to improve their confidence. The week has kicked off with a review of the world’s famous community helpers and their respective departments as well, and kids enjoyed pretending to be some of them.

They enjoyed the outdoor game of sorting colors in hula-hoops, which was a good exercise to their body.

Kids played a dress up puzzle game with numbers to improve their Numeracy skills and Cognitive skills. And finally they learned how to trace number 1, 2 and 3.

Kids had a great opportunity to play a number dress up game during our bean master class. They also enjoyed circle time and tracing phonic /n/ for net as their Literacy Skills.

And again, that was another exciting day…

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