Bouncing egg???!!!

Who said that eggs are used for eating only?…

For a change… Can we do an experiment with an egg?

Kids were astonished to see an egg bouncing, during their Science Surfers class.

They did it…

They demonstrated their scientific abilities, by making bubbles out of vinegar and soda for science experiment. This made them surprised and excited, to find out that they could carry out experiments by themselves.

Creativity has no ends. The Cool Architects designed their own buildings, and had it made out of different colors.

We further sorted shapes, learnt phonic “N” vocabulary and pencil control on numbers.

We had such fun.

Learning was awesome, as kids revised phonic ‘P’ by making popcorn craft.

Kids exploited their numeracy skills by matching numbers on popsicles to the numbers on the flash cards and ended up with a game of shape matching.

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