Good job Ms. Allenah!!!

‘When they grow up, they want to play with computers’,
Ms. Allenah informed us as few children’s wish.

‘Why not now?!’… We too agreed… 🙂

Look at their enthusiasm to open the CPU and Laptop!!!…
Finally, White Fields lost both the systems not working,
but with much pleasure!…

Ms. Allenah is the leader of this ‘active group’!…
And more than the children, she was very keen to do the ‘surgery’ to the CPU…
We really don’t know ‘WHOSE!’ wish to play with the computers Ms. Allenah?!!!… 😛

It was great pretending to be IT Engineers fixing laptops and computers. They all had a good time very safely with the power disconnected computers under supervision.

Kids had  an awesome time running in a shoe box race today.
They enjoyed tracing dotted lines, made UAE handprint flag during our World Wanderers session.
They enjoyed visiting a desert in  Abu Dhabi during pretend play.
It was great fun for them to ride a horse during that moment. They had a wonderful time learning how to wash their feet (craft feet) during water play.
Learning  how to trace – It’s always a joyous moment when
they have to hold pencils to write.
Also kids made robot man with blocks as shown by the class teacher.
Tomorrow still holds an awesome adventure for us watch the space 😃


  1. Dear Principal
    I would like to apply for a valuable job in you nursery school. If you have any vacancies please contact me.

    Thank you


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